Saturday, February 20, 2010

Smog Lake City in the Tribune

Uber thanks to Ben Foulton for the Smog Lake City feature in the Salt Lake Tribune.

High fives should go to Davey Davis, Adam Price and Shawn Rossiter for promoting the video.

If you get a chance to see the Smog show at the Bayleaf cafe, it should make for a great evening of entertainment (March 5th).

Seeing the response to this video has sparked an interest I have to document the city in interesting ways. With any luck you may see more of these short videos cropping up!

I'll leave you with a great quote from UTpiper on the Trib comment page:

"I'm sure the Utah tourism board is loving this going out on the net....all the advertising dollars spent to get people to come to Utah and a simple, less than four minute, piece shreds the concept of this being a mountain city with fresh air things to do at night (could there have been fewer people downtown???)."