Saturday, November 28, 2009

Halcyon NAB Cut

Back in May we (The Dada Factory) competed in the 48 Hour Film Project, a yearly competition that brings out the lurking filmmakers across the globe on one weekend to write, shoot and edit a short film. With more than 70 cities participating, and literally thousands of filmmakers on the ground, it's stunning to think of the combined energy taking place during that weekend.

Here in Salt Lake the full 48 teams participated, from a two man crew, to a massive team of industry professionals, the competition was stiff. To our surprise we beat out the 36 teams that made it in on time, and won 'Best Film'. We were about as surprised as everyone else.

While the prizes sucked (a copy of crappy screenwriting software), two cool things came out of the event:

First, our film will screen in the national competition Filmapolooza, at NAB in Las Vegas. Here our film goes up against the other city winners to possibly win a sweet camera, and a chance to screen at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Here's the all new re-edited version that will screen in the festival.

Second, we have been invited to compete in the 48 Hour Film Project International Shootout, and event that pits the city winners against each other to make yet another 48 hour film. This will be going on next weekend, December 4-7th. Keep an eye out on our Vimeo account to see our submission.